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About Gol Abzar derakhshan

Gol Abzar Derakhshan Company started its activity in the field of importing hand, electric and pneumatic tools in 1991 with the name of the Abzaravaran
Derakhshan and in 1372, with the expansion of business activities; it changed its name to Gol Abzar Derakhshan Company.
During its thirty years of uninterrupted activity, this company has had no purpose other than importing and distributing various tools and goods with superior quality in accordance with the international standards of the world and within the structure of trade laws governing our beloved country.
Gol Abzar Derakhshan Company, relying on the central law and customer orientation and improving the quality of goods and creating unique diversity in the distribution of hand tools, electric, welding, pneumatic, and locks and fittings, It has always considered maximum satisfaction of the customers and in this regard, according to the name, position and Company Credit by providing after-sales services, it has focused all its efforts on general customer satisfaction.

Due to the growing trend at the scientific, industrial, service level, and the need to build a platform in order to improve processes; for sure our attempts are concentrated on utilizing experienced specialists and experts with valuable backgrounds and worthwhile experiences to take an influential step towards creating an environment for the exchange of knowledge and useful experiences in the field of industry.


1992 Establishment of the company The company was established with the name of Abzaravaran Derakhshan
1994 The company renamed With the expansion of the business, the name of the company was changed to "Gol Abzar Derakhshan" Company.

Members of the Board


Abolfath Taghizadeh

chair of the board

Abohassan Taghizadeh


Abohosein Taghizadeh

Shareholder & Sales Manager

Nasrollah Taghizadeh

Shareholder & Sales Manager


STA brand
STA brand is the name of Gol Abzar Derakhshan Company which is abbreviation for the first letters of Gol Abzar Derakhshan Company founders (Mr. Sadeghi, Taghizadeh brothers, Azami brothers), which their lofty goal is to import industrial tools from the advanced industrial countries of the world and well-known companies with the highest quality and the most appropriate price.
By choosing the STA logo, Gol Abzar Derakhshan Company assures its customers that:
First, our brand products are offered with the most ideal quality, which are closely proportional to the offered price.
Second, our dear customers do not have to worry about using the after-sales service unit and supplying parts.


Thoughts and management policy of Ryobi Company

In a world of amazing scientific developments in which their reflection is dramatic changes in the business

Conditions, it is very difficult to predict future conditions.

Our management has set high goals to cross these rugged ways.

For this purpose, The Company scrutinizes all its business activities to build the maximum trust for customers and provide high quality products According to their daily industrial needs and the principle of improving relations with commercial companies, Shareholders, Ryobi’s employees are the basic conditions to attain these goals.
Due to the our company’s message (a comfortable life with a professional choice)
By preserving all Commitments we intend to increase the variety, production, distribution of products into higher standard and continue this way by creating a great services network for Society which deserves Ryobi’s name.